Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am trying to find different blog to start over.. Since I am going to be single again.. the divorce is in process which will be hardest part to close the chapter of 11 years together and 4 years of marriage..  had two beautiful children.. I dont know where I will be going.. new life and its time for me to play but I have been isolated in home for long time.. its going to be hard to open my old shell to be free... 
My son Mack just graduated today, May 26, 2012...  It was hard to see my kids are all grown up and on their own to new path of their new life.. 
I just started doing zentangles, it have been clamming me.. let my creative and imagation go.. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

dt interpretering

dt interpretering

Have you experinced with dt interpretering?

most places have that in the hospitals/professional bldgs... its like VP (video phone).. but its available 24/7/365.. with many different languages includes ASL..

Our hospital in Clarksburg, WV is trying to get it set up since a year but still struggle with date due, and computer/internet/firewalls system troubles. so I cant wait to have that so i dont have to worry about the real life interpreters not showing up or not on time if there's emergency or urgent...

I just need your opnion if you had experiences... like it or not.. what not or whats good..